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Press -Coach V


Press - Coach V


Coach V

Vivian Matos

Vivian Matos holds a Bachelor's in Behavioral Science from Wilmington University. She earned an Associate's Degree in Human Services from Camden Community College and received a certification in dementia care from the same institution. She is also a certified Life Coach and a commissioned Notary Public.

Vivian has worked at the Federal Aviation Administration for 13 years in a contractor role as a Program Analyst supporting two radar-engineering teams with technical, administrative, and documentation processes to ensure that airway safety complies with FAA security guidelines. She has over 20 years of combined experience working with government and private sector executives.

A native of Puerto Rico, Vivian is a dedicated, positive and outgoing life coach with extensive experience and training in behavior and Christian life coaching. During her free time, Vivian enjoys quiet times, learning, dining, engaging in intellectual discussions, and enjoying life's simple pleasures. She also finds inspiration in her two sons and her strong Christian faith. In her capacity as a bilingual Hispanic, she aspires to educate and inspire the Hispanic community to live fulfilling and authentic lives. Through her determination, perseverance, and ability to overcome adversity, Vivian has made a name for herself as a woman of valor. She is a beacon of hope for other women facing similar challenges.

Coach V

Vivian Matos

Vivian Matos

Coach V

Normalizemos conversaciones en nuestros hogares sobre la Salud Mental.

"Pensamientos saludables" es vivir con Salud Mental.

Ansiedad, Depresion, Ira, Desconeccion, Adicción, y TODO lo que previene obtener PAZ, es tóxico...y puedes lograr Salud Mental.


Normalize household conversations about Mental Health.

Healthy THOUGHT patterns contribute to Heathy Mental Heath. Anxiety, Depression, Hate/Anger, Isolation, Addiction, & ANYTHING that steals your PEACE, is toxic...healthy Mental Health is achievable.

Coach V

As 2022 departs, and 2023 arrives, let us take a moment to reflect on our mental health.

Let us ask ourselves, does my 'thinking' help or hurt me?

How does my reactions impact those around us?

Do my 'thinking patterns elevate my emotions or do they lead me towards a rabbit hole of sadness, confusion, despair, self-destruction, etc?

Let us 'choose' to strengthen our mental health by developing better 'thinking' habits.

Let us also encourage one another to UNDERSTAND MENTAL HEALTH.

Wishing Everyone a Strong, Healthy and Empowered 2023!  - happy Valentine Day !

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